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Palmwoods - 26° 42' 38" S 152° 55' 02" S

When planning to bring Popeye back to Australia, we used many resources from cruising guides to websites.  Unfortunately, we were unable to find a comprehensive guide for "Sailing Thailand to Australia against The Trades".  Yachts do do it, but sensibly, most voyages are east to west! One resource we found particularly useful was  This is a website for cruising sailors and describes itself as: The oldest, most complete and up-to-date resource for cruisers on the web covering 197 countries and 2278 ports and growing daily. We found articles describing voyages through Indonesia and for the most part were able to plot a course using anchorages others had experienced.  This removes significant amounts of guesswork and stress from selecting anchorages.  It is nerve-racking indeed trying to choose an anchorage off a chart, particularly when the charts are so inaccurate. So, we decided to describe our voyage and anchorages to post on Noonsite - and here

Double Island Point - 25° 56' 12" S 153° 10' 49" E

A fabulous day out with Nephew Sam and his 4WD! Double Island Point is part of the Great Sandy National Park and can only be accessed via the beach.  The beach is a gazetted road and all road rules apply.  Speed limits are posted in the dunes at the top of the beach. A gorgeous day for a cruise along the beach and lunch at the Rainbow Beach Pub. Thanks Sam for a great day! Drift wood on Rainbow Beach Looking towards Double Island Point Beach access The coloured sands that give Rainbow Beach its name The intrepid travellers The historic lighthouse Cooloola Beach from the lighthouse Now that's a great pub!