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Royal Langkawi Yacht Club - 06° 18’ 11” N 99° 51’ 00” E

Well hello Malaysia!

Ko Rok - 07° 13' 40" N 99° 04' 28" E

Leaving Thailand.... Our last night in Thai waters. And what a magical evening Thailand put on for us, enticing us to stay just a little longer. Leaving Phuket Yacht Haven The new Bimini Leaving Phuket Yacht Haven We picked up a Parks mooring just off the reef at Ko Rok Nai.  In dead calm conditions, we snorkeled among some of the best coral yet seen.  Huge brain corals with colourful fish and nudibraches, aenomies with their dancing clown fish and great towering coral heads with schools of fish weaving in and out.  All our old friends. We were stalked by schools of Sargent Majors - methinks the tourists may feed the fish. Snorkeling Enjoying the Bimini Sunset over Ko Rok As the sun went down behind the island, the rukus jungle noises died down leaving us in silence.  Teh stars filled the skies and the squid boats just over the horizon marked where the sea met the sky. And so ends our three months in Thailand with a very faded courtesy flag as evidenc

Phuket Yacht Haven - 08° 10' 09" N 98° 20' 20" E

After two and a half weeks in Krabi Boat Lagoon, despite a few frustrations and delays, Popeye is finally back in the water, free from leaks and still afloat!  Phew! Heading out of KBL for the last time was a little odd.  It has been Popeye's home base for the last three years and ours since this adventure began five months ago. Now, Popeye is leaving with no plans to ever return. "Riding the load" - Popeye heads across the boatyard and back to the sea Popeye leaves Krabi Boat Lagoon for the last time The journey back to Australia has not yet begun, though.  We have come across to Phuket Yacht Haven to have the last few jobs done - having the canvas on the bimini created and installed and having the fridge and freezer serviced.  It seems there is always a few last details to take care of.  The home of our   Snuggled up amongst the super yachts and wooden sailing boats, there is much suffering to be endured. 'The Deck' - Phuket Yacht Haven

Cooking classes at 'The Captain's Galley' - 08° 00' 42" N 98° 57' 40" E

After a couple of weeks of enjoying Garn's cooking, we decided to learn how to do it ourselves.  Garn, very generously, opened her kitchen and ran a Master Class in our favourite dishes. ... and now we share her secrets! Yellow Chicken Curry Kaeng Kari Kai (Yellow curry) - Truly yummo This recipe is for one portion Garn's favourite brand of curry paste 250g chicken - this can be any cut but if using a cut with a bone, it is best to pre-cook it in water and salt for about 30 minutes. 1 big tablespoon of yellow curry paste.  Garn's favorite brand is Lobo. 1/2 onion, diced 1 potato, diced 1/2 carrot, chopped Handful of raisins 1/2 cup coconut milk 1/2 cup chicken stock (or water plus teaspoon chicken stock powder) 1/2 tablespoon palm sugar 2 teaspoons fish sauce  In oil, fry the paste until it smells divine.  Add the onions, then the coconut milk, potatoes, carrots and raisins followed by the (cooked) chicken.  Add the stock (or water with stock cub

Krabi Boat Lagoon - 08° 00' 42" N 98° 57' 40" E

We are back in Krabi Boat Lagoon for two weeks.  Popeye is out of the water and undergoing some maintenance prior to our heading SE.... Popeye being lifted out Popeye on the travel lift (don't drop her!) We have a list of jobs to be done.  Some are regular maintenance such as anti-fouling and changing the anodes.  Others are improvements such as the installation of a bimini.  Some are repairs such as the replacement of all the thru-hull seacocks.  And some are due to Popeye heading to Australia such as cleaning out the storeroom. The towering Popeye Due to her deep draft (2.85m), Popeye's deck towers five metres above the hardstand.  Her mast is by far the tallest.  A special set of extra tall stairs has had to be made. Engineering drawings - nothing on the back of a napkin here!   We have rented a studio apartment for the time Popeye is out of the water.  The lure of air-conditioning, endless hot water and unlimited power with a lagoon view wa