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Coffs Harbour - 30° 18' 15" S 153° 08' 49" E

Riding the EAC! Remember in 'Finding Nemo' when Dory and Marlin used the EAC Superhighway with the turtles to get to Sydney? We did it too - although perhaps not quite the same speed and minus the turtles! The EAC is the East Australian Current that runs down the east coast of Australia.  Somewhat larger than the film portrayed, the EAC is a surface current that is up to 100km wide in places.  It is strongest in the Summer and runs up to 4kns.  We picked it up off the coast of Fraser Island and held on for the ride! The East Australian Current Steaming past Brisbane - 9.6kn over ground  with a little help from the EAC! We experienced its gentle nudge of between 2.5 and 3.5kn.  For a period, we has 4.1kn of current helping us along.  To put this in perspective, each knot of additional speed on a 24 hour passage saves around 3-4 hours.  So that's awfully nice! 4.1kns - thats a nice little nudge! Weeeee - we love the EAC! 'You're ridin'

Whitehaven Beach - 20° 17' 30" S 149° 03' 21" E

Whitehaven Beach Beautiful Whitehaven Beach with sand like icing sugar and azure waters, it listed as one of the top ten beaches in the world by Lonely Planet. Somewhat subjective, some will debate, but there is little argument that Whitehaven is stunning. ...and accessible. Hoards of tourists flock to the southern end of the beach by helicopter, sea-plane, yacht and power boat, charter boat and fully-loaded day tour boats that purge tourists reminiscent to the wartime landings in Normandy. Yet despite this, Whitehaven remains stunning.  Anchor a tad further north and all but the most intrepid tourist can be avoided. The warm, clear waters invite swimming and the bright, white sand is perfect for lazing. A wonderful place to spend a day or two! ...but Lonely Planet, did you really have to tell the whole world?!