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Canmore - 51° 05' 03" N 115° 22' 07" W

"So, how's that boat coming along?" That is a very common question in our conversations these days.  It's not far off being able to float (with a few strategically placed corks) but it is far from habitable.  It is two days before we leave for Australia but we have just received some work progress photos from the yard.  We are liking what we are seeing, so time to share. If you have been following the story so far, you know that the welding of the aluminium hull is finished and Garcia has it in the carpentry and fit-out shop.  This is Chinook sitting beside the sister hull (number 45).  From the business end, the hull looks great. This is the view from the transom.  Workers and visitors board via a real gangplank (arrrr!) that doesn't come with the boat.  There is plenty of protective cardboard to keep the cockpit paint safe from the tools and workboots that clamber over her every day.  At this point of the build, there's not a terribly impressive amount of