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Beijing - 39° 54' 16" N 116° 24' 45" E

Looking south from the Temple of Heaven It was December 2005 the last time I was in Beijing and oh how the city has changed.  Bigger, brighter, shinier.  From the metro system to the smart, urbane Beijingers, it is amazing! Beijing Metro from Guidebook circa 2005 Current Beijing Metro Far more cars, far fewer bicycles and not a Mao suit to be seen.  The streets were very orderly with segregated bike lanes, pedestrian fencing and traffic police on every corner.  Tiananmen Square is now fully fenced and requires a security check to enter.  All the road workers, security guards and police are in bright, clean, spotless uniforms.  Perhaps they have just had their winter issue? Mao Zedong is looking a little more yellow and a little waxier. And everything we can buy, we can buy elsewhere - Zara, H&M and all the usual suspects.  And yes, you can shop whilst slurping on a Starbucks coffee too! It was a good time to visit.  Despite being on the chilly side, with a cold wi