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Paget Peak - 51°27'34" N 116°21'56" W

Wonder what Kate got up to on her birthday? A little over 1,030 vertical metres of climbing, that's what.  A midday text from Jim and Grace suggested a hike the next day to the top of Paget Peak  in Yoho National Park.  Although we had talked about what to do to celebrate Kate's special day, we hadn't decided on an activity, so the suggestion was welcome.  A moderately rated hike on a summit we hadn't experienced before seemed like a good choice.  Plans were made to meet a few friends at the trailhead (between Lake Louise and Field), backpacks were packed, sandwiches and snacks prepared and the necessary accoutrements were made ready!  Off to Paget's Peak. 3.6 kilometres sounds pretty easy. What about the "up" component? Our group for the hike was Jim, Grace, Arnie, Brent, Sharon and the Birthday Girl. Here's our route. Red is flat and fast. Blue/green is steep and slow. A bifurcated tree makes the junction of the trail. Sherbrooke Lake (flat) or