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Calgary Airport Hotel, in Quarantine - 51° 08' 15" N 114° 02' 05" W

We are back in Canada, settled into quarantine in a hotel near the Calgary airport after our Australian sojourn, 1,200 kilometres from the nearest open water … and we’re thinking about a sailboat. A sailboat was bound to factor into our future.  After our adventure of bringing Popeye from Thailand to Hamilton Island , we knew that we could handle actually living aboard a 40+ foot yacht for extended periods of time. We had offers to crew on other yachts or even to borrow Popeye when we were in Pittwater, but cruising on someone else’s schedule and route doesn’t afford the same feeling of freedom that having our own boat would. As much as we love our place in Canmore, we keep running into people who give us great ideas for places to go, sights to see, experiences to have ... An idea of the marine traffic in part of the Northern Hemisphere right now ...  When COVID closed down everyone’s access to travel, Kate and I turned to vicariously exploring far away places via ‘blogs and YouTube.