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Canmore Highland Games - 51° 05' 13" N 115° 21' 27" W

As Community Cruisers was to provide bike parking at the Highland Games, in my new role of Volunteer Coordinator, I gave the President a call to see what they required.  The President, Sandy Bunch, has a rather strong Glaswegian accent.  As I came off the phone, I had a disturbing feeling I had committed to something a little more than bike parking! A few days later, a follow-up phone call from Sandy confirmed that I had indeed agreed to becoming the Volunteer Coordinator for the whole Highland Games!  Good grief! Somebody, PLEASE, remind me to never again grunt assent when I don't understand a word! My first committee meeting was filled with talk of kaylees, heavy sports and whiskey tastings.  The only part I was sure of was the whiskey tasting.  That, I could get into!  Consulting The Google, I discovered that heavy sports was the competition one finds at Highland Games. It includes athletic events such as the tug o'war, caber toss, hammer throw, stone put, weight throw and s

Nakiska Ridgetop Weather Station – 50° 56’ 37” N 115° 11’ 23” W

Being tethered in place is much worse for some than others. As COVID restrictions have flattened our appetite for straying too far from home, we have dedicated this summer to exploring the less-known trails close to us. We are doing mostly day-trips. Names that we have heard mentioned – Sarrail Ridge, Windy Tower, Old Goat Creek – have been added to a list of Hikes We’ve Been Meaning To Get To. We decided that adding to our quiver of “known hikes” will make it easier to show our future guests a good time. When it is overcast (or smoky), you can still hike – you just stay in the valleys and trees. If you are hiking with friends that aren’t used to the altitude (or who aren’t as fit), there are less strenuous hikes. Some hikes feature waterfalls. Some hikes are more technical (meaning there could be some light climbing/scrambling). Some hikes have criss-cross back and forth over streams, with quaint bridges. Some hikes have panoramic views … but require going up 1,000+ metre