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Marda Loop - 51° 01' 11" N 114° 07' 58" W

April is Spring in Calgary.  Spring conjures visions of bulbs popping up and waving their colourful blooms, buds sprouting on trees, blossoms and snow melting.  Not Calgary, not this year.  Here, winter is still in full swing.  The bulbs have rolled over and pulled up the covers as the snow continues to fall and fall and fall. Our Calgary friends are shaking their heads and asking, why did you come back? In a few weeks, the snow will stop falling, the bulbs will bloom, the trees will bud and the birds will return.  We will pack away our snow boots and skis, pull out our bikes and hiking boots forgetting the long, cold, snowy winter.   We will hike and cycle and swim and float and run outdoors barefoot. And when the snow first flies in October, we will run around excitedly with our arms outstretched catching the flakes in our palms!

246B Three Sisters Drive - 51° 05' 00" N 115° 22' 16" W

Living in Calgary, we are really close to the majestic Rocky Mountains.  We find ourselves zipping along Highway 1 to ski at Sunshine or Lake Louise, to play in the beautiful Kananaskis Country, to ride the trails around Canmore and Banff, to hike to viewpoints overlooking lakes and glaciers and to simply breathe in the crisp, clean mountain air.  We are having some grand adventures, seeing amazing sights and experiencing some extraordinary things but we love coming home and playing in our mountain backyard. One hour and nine minutes, again and again and again ... We started thinking .... why live close to the mountains when we can live IN the mountains??  Rather than drive an hour and a bit, what if we could step out our back door and be there? Sooo, we've just bought a house in the mountain town of Canmore! Slightly more house than we intended to buy but it meets all our requirements.  There is plenty of room for guests, a huge garage for all our toys, back garden for

Big White - 49° 43' 13" N 118° 55' 42" W

With the Easts and The Caulfields in Big White, we just had to head over for a visit and a ski!  Lovely sunny weather and some great skiing was had.  Karen, who pops up in an inordinate number of 'sister' photos, carried out her proxy sister role superbly! Boys will be boys... Sisters!  Selfie #1 Selfie #2 One of these is not like the others... A w-i-i-i-i-i-d-e tunnel Snow Angels and ... ... Charlie's Angels!