Friday, February 24, 2017

Ko Rok - 07° 13' 40" N 99° 04' 28" E

Leaving Thailand....

Our last night in Thai waters. And what a magical evening Thailand put on for us, enticing us to stay just a little longer.

Leaving Phuket Yacht Haven
The new Bimini
Leaving Phuket Yacht Haven
We picked up a Parks mooring just off the reef at Ko Rok Nai.  In dead calm conditions, we snorkeled among some of the best coral yet seen.  Huge brain corals with colourful fish and nudibraches, aenomies with their dancing clown fish and great towering coral heads with schools of fish weaving in and out.  All our old friends. We were stalked by schools of Sargent Majors - methinks the tourists may feed the fish.


Enjoying the Bimini
Sunset over Ko Rok

As the sun went down behind the island, the rukus jungle noises died down leaving us in silence.  Teh stars filled the skies and the squid boats just over the horizon marked where the sea met the sky.

And so ends our three months in Thailand with a very faded courtesy flag as evidence.  In all, Popeye has been our home for five months.  We feel we know her well and are prepared for the grand adventure upon which we have just embarked.  We can sail her comfortably two-handed and love being under sail so we sail whenever we can.  The new Bimini is a dream. We no longer need the suncover up which obscures your vision.  We tend to create a little nest for ourselves behind the helm in glorious shade.

And so, farewell Thailand!

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