Le parc Lafontaine - 45° 31' 47" N 73° 33'57" W

Time is flying by and week three of our course is done.  Our French has improved in leaps and bounds from where it was but we are nowhere near fluent - stilted conversational would be more apt - and about where we hoped we would be.  We continue to be impressed by the quality of instruction and surprised at how tired we are!  Three and a half hours of full engagement every morning is not what we have been used to for a while.

Montréal's weather is much prettier but not yet tropical.  We caught up with Michelle again this week.  She introduced us to yet another fun eatery before we spent the afternoon wandering around the Redpath Museum.  A beautiful building where you could imaging Indianan Jones and his father huddled over priceless relics.  The museum is owned by McGill University and is filled with natural history exibits from mummies, to shells to stuffed polar bears.

The Olympic Stadium


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