Quartz Ridge - 51° 00' 56" N 115° 45' 87" E

A glorious day for a hike! 

So off we set with Gord and Jenny to Sunshine Village.  We gained some easy vertical metres by catching the gondola!  Sunshine is running the gondola Friday - Sunday until the September long weekend.  More convenient and less dusty than the bus and makes the high alpine meadows accessible to all.  The Standish Chair is also running so we caught that just for fun.  It was a very weird experience without our skies - and we all automatically 'lifted our tips' before getting off!

We headed out along the Citidel Pass trail to Quartz Ridge where we lunched and turned for home.

Pikas everywhere, a couple of eagles and a fox...

Lunch on Quartz Ridge

Yoga on a mountain top - no need for a helicopter Rachael!
Stunning Rock Isle Lake
Overlooking Howard Douglas Lake to Mt Assiniboine
Lunch, looking down Howard Douglas Creek
Up the chairlift.  We're not purists!
Wildflowers still in bloom...


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