Friday, September 6, 2019

The Coral Sea – somewhere off Cape Bowling Green – 19° 16.974’S 147° 24.286’E

Last time we headed south through these waters, we were bashing into 20-30kn Trade Winds that kicked up the seas to a sporty 2.5m.  Popeye fell off waves, her flat bottom slapping and jarring our bodies and souls.  Our progress was a slow 4kn, it was night and our journey seemed endless.

Today we are skipping along on a flat, sparkling, turquoise sea under a cloudless blue sky.  We have 1-2 knots of wind gusting to a mighty 4 knots.  There are whales spouting and breaching in the distance and flying fish skimming across the water.   Other than having to motor, it is idyllic.

Oh may the winds always be fair – and in the right direction!

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