The Wishing Well - 51°03'03" N 114°02'34" W

As we are now temporarily guest-free, it is time to reconnect with our fellow Canmorons.  We have added to our list of things to do and it is time to start crossing things off that list.

Proof that we were there.

The Wishing Well - this funky art installation was originally located in northeast Calgary but stored away after the first few days of display (its amplified solar reflection was dangerous) then was relocated to a shadier spot in Bridgeland.  Finding it was part of the adventure, then hearing the otherworldly sounds inside the spheres added to the experience.  Because of its highly reflective surface, the observers become part of the display.

Hikes galore.

The origin of Healy Creek

Can you spot the little fella?

Sunshine Meadows - although we have been before, purchasing a summer pass to the gondola means that we can use Sunshine Village as a 2300 metre-high starting point for a number of interesting hikes.  We have found a few ways down through Simpson Pass got to enjoy trail running along Healy Creek.  One spot on the run is past a rubble field that has a few resident marmots.  I love marmots.


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