Palmwoods - 26° 42' 38" S 152° 55' 02" E

Here we are, back at Big Sister's place in Palmwoods.  Tom has had his epic 21st birthday party.
Much alcohol was consumed.
A pig and a lamb were roasted.
A band played great backgound music, then got everyone going with dance tunes even us oldies enjoyed.
Old people were bemused.
Young people did not get out of hand.
Speeches were made.
Thank-you's were offered.
No one was seriously injured.  All was good.

Now what?

The partygoers (all ninety of them, by our estimates) all emerged well after mid morning and did an admirable job of tidying up the paddock were the party was held.  Tents were disassembled, thousands of empty beer cans were gathered, garbage disposed of and rental tables and chairs stacked and made ready for Monday pickup.  The friends and birthday boy headed back to their jobs, Emily headed back to school and the rellies hooked up their caravans and have made themselves scarce.  Whoosh.  It got quiet here in a hurry.

scramble, not a hike!
With Graeme out of town and Wendy back at work, we've had to amuse ourselves.  Our domestic longings have started to show.  We've started doing chores around the house while Wendy is at work.  We've gone for a few hikes (up to Mt Tibrogargan and Montville) and have been out for a few days at the beach at Mooloolaba, which is almost as much fun to say as it is to be at.  A recent cyclone has stirred up the surf making for some dumpy waves on the beach, but we still don't mind being down to walk along the sand and ponder life.

Beach at Noosa Heads
Noosa also makes for a great escape, as it is protected from the breaking waves. Noosa is famous as a retirement spot and a place for those who want to be away from the hustle and bustle of a big city (Brisbane) but not too far from civilization.  Kate and I looked at all the condos there and tried to imagine ourselves as little, old retirees with a place facing the beach and our walkers parked side-by-side on the footpath leading to the boardwalk.  It's a nice thought.  The jury is still out on whether that will be what the future looks like.  Until then, we keep traveling.

pre-party preparation takes place in the kitchen
proud aunties, mum and Nonna at the country-themed event
Pa and Granny Gabby, too
Look!  Tom has mates!
now, THAT'S a barbecue!
the weather cooperated
live music
Birthday Boy Tom and mum and dad

a few days later we did some climbing
What a view!  Kate, turn around and look!
beach and boardwalk at Noosa Heads


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