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Getting back to no place of your own was a bit disorienting. We are currently living in Karen and Terence's basement guest room, and are adapting to being homeless at home.  Searching across four different locations for the clothes and possessions we needed for the next two weeks takes much of our time.  The rest of our effort and daylight hours are spent on sorting out and filing taxes; dealing with six months of mail; checking in with the tenants; finding what we needed for our upcoming European four-week cycling trip; acquiring a bike for Kate that will carry what she needs and has the gearing to climb Swiss mountain passes; driving to Sunshine Village to ski with neighbors who moved away from us, then driving to Fernie the next weekend to ski with neighbors we moved away from!  We have now caught up with most of the relatives and friends that have been asking after us and are vaguely settled back in Canada.  We have a primary pack done for Montreal, which is timely as we leave in 36 hours!

Life is currently planned out until mid-July, after which the strategy becomes "... and now we hang around Calgary until mid-October." Agreements have been made to return to Thailand to sail after that point, delivering Craig's boat to the race and serving as crew for the race. The crystal ball becomes cloudy after that, but I'm sure we'll salvage some fun out of the uncertainty.

Moose! on the way to the ski hill, along Hwy 1
at the Flames game with Terence and Karen - Go Flames!
Sunshine with The Eaglesons
Skiing one day, cycling the next.
Welcome to Shoulder Season.
in Fernie with the Pettigrews, considering some property


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