Gili Air - 08° 21' 49" S 116° 04' 53" E

Today, we crossed the Lombok Strait.  With Bali and Mount Agung in our wake, we headed due east towards Lombok and the towering Mount Rinjani.  With 25kn of wind on the beam and a timid half-heady out, we scooted across the mere 25nm in four hours.  In doing so, we have crossed:
  • A strait that experiences some of the strongest tidal flows on Earth
  • One of the main channels for the Indonesian Flow-Through where water from the Pacific flows into the Indian Ocean
  • A body of water that has ocean transport rates of between 2-4,000,000 m3/s
And we have crossed the Wallace Line which separates the ecozones of Asia and Australasia.  So it is farewell to the monkeys, deer and squirrels and hello to possums, cockatoos and wallabies!

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  1. Wow, all sorts of sciency stuff in this post - love it!


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