Saturday, February 24, 2018

45 Woods Street - 37° 50' 45" S 144° 52' 37" E


I bought 45 Woods Street back in 2002.  Angus was an infant.  Today he is a strapping lad of sixteen.  We decided to sell for a number of reasons including changes to the Australian tax laws and our desire to buy a house in Canmore so we can live in the mountains rather than just play there! 

Since living in Canada, Woods Street has been rented so was in need of some spit and polish.  The tenants vacated prior to Christmas so we had some time to get her ship-shape and presented to her very best.  It was most convenient if we moved in whilst we carried out the work but our lack of furniture was a small conundrum.

This was solved by the brilliance of Gabby who over dinner and a few wines remembered that Mark and Monica were selling their house, had decluttered and as a result had a garage filled with furniture.  Remarkably, the furniture fitted the colour and style of our house perfectly.  So, we hire a removal van, loaded up and with a few additional items from The Croziers, Mum, Dad and Gab and the Op Shop*, we had a furnished home to live in! 

Our work list was not too onerous – redeck front porch, paint, clean, tighten, plug holes, fill gaps and tidy the garden.  With some help from our family and friends, we plowed through the list in time for the photographs.  The photographer did a great job and we think she scrubbed up rather well. 

We kept her shiny and mown and were pleased when auction day rolled around.  We endeavoured not to play the mind games, stressing and pondering as to whether anyone would bid, would we get enough, what if we didn’t sell…  Needless to say, it was a relief when the bidding went over our reserve and continued.  A strong result – not quite a $1m more than I paid but close enough for big smiles and champagne!

Now Canmore, what have you got for us?

A big thank you to all who contributed. We could not have done it without you.

Thanks to:

  • Mark and Monica for half a house of furniture, goods and chattels,
  • Andrew and Lynda for the other half, the tools and the trailer,
  • Dad and Gabby for the tools, decorative items and some serious sweat,
  • Nancy for the tools, decorative bits and bobs, the gorgeous flower arrangements, keeping the pots of petunias thriving, horticultural skills and manual labour,
  • Frances and Allan for painting (seriously, who volunteers for painting??!)
  • Eliza and Elaina for styling
  • Hilary for tools, ladders, Tupperware, knives and a number of things not yet noticed missing,
  • Susan and Simon for the lawnmower (yep still got it!)
  • Nancy and Michael for doing up the chairs,
  • Sue for the car - we would have been lost without the CRV,
  • Our neighbours for access to spare wheelie bin capacity

And to all those who helped create ambience by drinking on the front porch - Elizabeth!
We thank you all.

45 Woods St
Front Hall
Master Bedroom
Bedroom #2
Bedroom #3
Back deck
The Floor Plan

*Op Shop, short for Opportunity Shop is the equivalent of a thrift store in North America.

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