Istanbul - 41° 0' 48" N 28° 57' 17" E

We arrived at our hotel after successfully negotiating the Istanbul train and tram system from the airport. Cheap, efficient and easy!

Aimless wandering followed through the streets breathing in the sights and sounds, sampling tasty local fare and orientating ourselves.  And with heavy hearts, we realized what we had forgotten - to get our "Gallipoli 100" t-shirts printed. There were mobs of Aussies swarming around tourist attractions flaunting their Gallipoli 100 Tour Mollymock SLSC and Gallipoli 100 Military Sites Tour jackets. And here, we didn't even bring a flag... And then, the realization, the feeling in the pit of our tummies was the result of sampling far too many different flavours of Turkish Delight not from the forgotten t-shirts. All is well!

Welcome to all the unfamılıar names!

<Lookıng out over the Golden Horn

Galata Tower

One of the quieter streets


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