Saturday, August 8, 2015

Ha Ling Peak - 51° 03' 51" N 115° 23' 59" W

The Peak from the saddle
I am King of the World!
Gord Pettigrew, a recent import from Winnipeg, expressed a desire to climb a mountain peak from bottom to top.  And where better to do this than a scamper up Ha Ling Peak (2,407m) towering above Canmore.

 It was a beautiful day, glorious sunshine, not too hot.  In the 5.5km round trip, the elevation gain is over 850m, a good cardio workout for those of us maintaining our fitness a little shy of peak!

We reached the summit in time for lunch so enjoyed spectacular views up and down the Bow Valley, the Spray Valley and over Goat Range.  There was much more chatting on the hike down as we were all able to breathe!  A beer at The Rose and Crown capped the day off beautifully.  Gordon was impressed with the hike and is now eyeing off other peaks to conquer!

The reward at the bottom!
On the summit of Ha Ling

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