Richardson Street - 37° 50' 37" S 144° 57' 04" E

After weeks of gorgeous weather, and a run of days well into the thirties, Melbourne suddenly got chilly. Chilly enough to make me dive into the bottom of the suitcase and pull out the forgotten jumper (sweater) and trackie dacks (sweat pants).

In Australia, we generally do not have a central furnace to pump warm air through the house as soon as the air gets chilly. Instead, we pop on thicker socks and another layer. The bathroom tile is cold on the feet and the toilet seat can make you gasp. This I had forgotten.

And I had also forgotten the joy of leaping into a bed with the electric blanket having been set on 3 for the hour previous. Why do I not have one on my bed in Calgary? A toasty warm bed is a magical thing.


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