Bushrangers Bay - 38° 29' 16" S 144° 55' 00" E

Many of the long, hot summer days of my childhood were spent at Bushrangers Bay. We called it Clondrisse after the property that has the fortune to run down to the Bay. We were able to drive down through the property and park just a hundred metres from the beach. This enable all sorts of childhood beach paraphernalia, eskies filled with food and drinks and even surfboards and diving gear.

These days, the drive-through benefit is long gone so we join in on the 2.5km hike through the bush, down the cliff and along the beach to the rock pools. Fabulous rock pools, larger than most backyard swimming pools, are filled with marine life that kept us entertained for hours as children.

And today, the hike is well worth it. Lazing in the big rock pool, surrounded by the towering basalt outcrops, the water is warmer than the pounding surf of Bass Strait just beyond the rocks. Small fish dart around and the seaweed waves as we splash by. Whilst no longer a 'secret', as they now have signs marking the path down, Bushrangers Bay is a stunning little piece of Victoria's magnificent coastline.


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