Ko Bang Tao - 07° 59' 48" N 98° 16' 58" S

We have been aboard Popeye for a couple of months now and established a few favourite things.

1.     Solar-powered light

This little gem, courtesy of Rick and Sue , has unfailingly provided us with the perfect ambient light in the cockpit.  We clip it to a deck fitting to power up by day and enjoy light through the night.

And the best part; no batteries required!

2.     Orange Floatie Lounger

Sean may never go back to the pool noodle!

This came along with Scott and Elizabeth and has been extensively deployed.  Sean catches up on his sleep whilst comfortably floating behind the yacht for hours.

3.     Funky waterproof speaker

It even came complete with its own floatie!  Thanks to Adrienne and Ray, we can enjoy music in the cockpit, on the ‘front porch’, floating off the back of the boat, on the beach, anywhere….

4.     Go-Pro (with selfie stick and plethora of mounting options)

A big thanks to the Eaglesons for firstly inspiring the purchase then finding the best deal Calgary has to offer, arranging for Adrienne to bring it over, and slipping in a selection of very cool accessories as a Christmas present!

More photo ops.  Whoo hoo!
We love our new toy and wield the selfie stick with typical tourist abandon.

5.     The dip-stick oil pump

A magical little device that enables us to change the oil in the engine by pumping it through where the dip-stick goes. That, teamed with an empty six litre water jug, makes for a simple and clean oil change.


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