Inverloch - 38° 38' 02" S 145° 43' 43" E

How to keep a 3-y-o still for 20 minutes?
Turn her into a seashell-bedazzled mermaid!

We don't work, but we're usually busy.  We are just finishing a three-day stint as Adventure Mentors for our good friend's daughter, Nadia.  As Nadia's mum had some work to do in Inverloch (a 2+ hour drive from home), she invited us along to keep Nadia busy during working hours.  With a calm, sandy beach and a small village nearby, it wasn't all that difficult.

Dancing with the kangaroos

Geared up for a day on the beach
Charging over to say g'day to the wildlife


  1. So sweet. It reminds me of the huge sandcastle we built Sam and Beth in Hawaii. They have so much fun.


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