Nordkapp (North Cape) - 71°10′21″N 25°47′04″E

Well this is a long way north...

The most northern point in Europe!

 ...well, not quite. That would be an island well north of here.

The most northern point of mainland Europe?

Nope, as it is on an island it cannot be!  That honour goes to Kinnarodden (Cape Nordkinn) a little further to the east.  (We did sail around this so we can claim to have passed the northernmost point of mainland Europe!).  Kinnarodden is remote and difficult to get to, requiring a full day's hike each way over some fairly gnarly terrain

The most northern point of Europe accessible by road (read tourist bus)?


So we intrepidly rode the bus to the over touristy Nordkapp - the northernmost point of Europe accessible by road!  We were fortunate to arrive at a time when the weather was clear and the tourist buses few...

At 'The Top Of Europe'
We can almost see the North Pole from here!
Wild and windy
The Most Northermost Point in Europe (that can be accessed by road)


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