Cleopatra Bay - 36° 38' 37" N 28° 52' 23" E

We are aboard the Turkish gület T. Elif, slowly making the voyage from Marmaris to Fethiye. This gület is lovely but not the luxury we enjoyed on the Hemera. We have easily slipped back in to the lazy routine of life on board: eat, swim, sleep, repeat. The weather is glorious and the water a perfect temperature. With the start of the cruising season, our secluded bays are no longer quite as secluded. The advantage, however, is no longer do we just have the ice cream man come around in his little boat, we also have the bread and baklava boat, the rubbish boat and can choose from any number of water sports from the big banana to para sailing.  We have had some excitement by being chased away from military manouvers - helicopters, boats and a rather loud explosion throwing a black plume high into the sky.

Sean has expanded his creative talents into jewellery making, producing a very crafty bracelet for me made from a shackle and some rope. There is much envy from our shipmates. This group is not such the great blend as aboard the Hemera but we are having a blast none-the-less. We are doing a lots of swimming in the warm, clear, flat water. My shoulder is holding up to a reasonable distance but I am still eating far more than I could ever dream of burning off!

We slept last night on deck under a clear, moonless, star-studded sky. Once our neighbours shut down their noisy parties, it was wonderfully serene.  We disembark in Fethiye tomorrow afternoon and join our diving gület on Friday. Life is pure magic.


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