Kušadasi - 37° 52' 8" N 27° 15' 54" E

Our 800km flight has taken us SW to sea level. The temperature haas leapt up to the high twenties and we are 'suffering' under cloudless, blue skies.

We hadn't planned to come here - we had a five day gap from landing in Izmir to boarding our yacht in Bodrum. Kadir, our hotelier in Göreme recommended it. Kusadasi is a resort town mainly frequented by Turks. Reminds me of the Sunny Coast minus the surf but with cruise ships and city walls.

We have a suite at the Marina Resort which includes both breakfast and dinner. Vast buffets of tasty dishes ranging from fried anchovies to the reddest, sweetest strawberries and Turkish Delight. The pool is big enough to lap in and the banana lounges are as comfortable as the beds. We look we eat in a third-floor restaurant the looks out over the Aegean Sea and stunning fireball sunsets. The Marina is filled with yachts from exotic ports such as Delaware and Mooloolaba. The water is as clear as it is blue.

We are early in the season so it is not crowded. Despite being plenty of Germans around, there are still vacant banana lounges by the pool!

Such decadence!  Such luxury! All for the princely sum of $75 per night.

Ready for a busy summer season in Kušadasi


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