Kuah, Pulau Langkawi - 06° 18' 17" N 99° 50' 49" E

We arrived on beautiful Pulau Langkawi where we were required to clear both boat and crew into Malaysia.  Since last Friday, we had been 'illegal aliens' in Thailand! The process to check into Malaysia is:
  1. Immigration (to clear the crew)
  2. Harbour Master (to clear the boat)
  3. Customs (to ensure nothing naughty is carried)

Unlike in Krabi, these three are located in the same building in the ferry terminal in Kuah. Straight forward, one would think. But no, this is Asia afterall!

We established that we needed to follow the outbound ferry passengers towards the ferry. Just before we hit customs, several immigration officers were standing behind a barricade. They moved this to allow us to enter once it was established we were off a boat. Several forms and chop, chop, stamp, stamp later, we are now legal! The next step was a little trickier. Go out, turn left and up the stairs were the instructions. No mention of having to squeeze through a gap in the barrier onto the inward passenger side. So we didn't. Out, left, up the stairs led us to a deserted bowling alley. Further inquiries lead us back to immigration and again, out, left and up the stairs.

Finally, in desperation, we squeezed through the gap, turned left, up the stairs and low and behold, the Harbour Masters Office.  Customs was as simple as handing the previous port documents to the chap sitting at the x-ray machine. Disappointingly, not even a stamp to be had.

So for those entering Malaysia by boat through Kuah on Langkawi, I have drawn a map which will be added soon....

 And while we were on wifi, Landlord Sean banked the rent cheques!


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