Ao Po Marina - 08° 04' 09" N 98° 26' 32" E

Last night, whist enjoying a fabulous Last Supper, Kokomo was struck by lightning. A very loud bang, sparks showering and rain hammering. We were below, snug in the air conditioning with lights blazing and every device connected to wifi.

This morning, in the cold, hard light of day, we discovered Kokomo had lost all her nav instruments, AIS, VHF radio, auto helm and the deck lights. We motored into Ao Po Grand Marina where calls were made to surveyors and insurance companies. It appears to have been a very expensive bolt from the heavens and Julie and Mark will be enjoying the luxury at Ao Po for some time while repairs are made.

Ao Po is where we farewell Kokomo so like rats leaving a sinking ship, we head back to Australia. Thanks Julie and Mark hosting such a fabulous adventure - we look forward to many more!

Sean found another place to do laps

Mark and Julie looking over the marina


  1. Guys,
    Was great having you on board Kokomo, you are on the top of our list of sailing partners! Thank you for sharing your sailing knowledge and experience with us, as we learned a lot and probably wouldn't have done the emerald cave before breakfast without you! We look forward to your next trip with us! Safe travels, Mark & Julie

    1. ... and we loved being part of the Kokomo adventure!


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