Monday, May 23, 2016

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Stelvio Pass (oh Lordy!)

Off again!

Our destination is Bischoffsheim in the Alsatian region of France to visit The Bouviers and attend our beautiful God-daughter's first communion.  Then the pain begins as we head off cycling with Gord and Jenny.  We are working on the hypothesis that one does not need to be fit to cycle tour, you get fit along the way!  As we embark on our four country, 1,300km, 21,400m vertical gain, 3 week adventure, we will certainly put this hypothesis to the test!

Our proposed route is:

Our route through Switzerland
Basel (Switzerland) - Aarau - Bern - Fribourg - Interlaken - Guttannen - Andermatt - Chur - Vaduz (Liechtenstein) - Chur (Switzerland) - Bergun - Zernez - Stelvio (Italy) - Stelvio Pass - Merano - Bolzano - Molina - Borgo Valsugana - Feltre.

In Feltre, we will be cycling the Sportful Dolomiti Gran Fondo.
Our route in Italy

We then have a few non-cycling days in Venice and Milan before heading back to The Bouviers in Bischoffsheim.

We are claiming France as our fourth country because Sean and I will ride to the Bischoffsheim railway station to catch the train to Basel and Gord and Jenny's hotel in Basel is actually in France!

Souhaitez-nous bonne chance!

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