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At Ray's 60th
So we have had a fabulous time back in Calgary!  Thanks to Karen and Jeff for allowing us to land in their spare room and use their house as a hotel (with fabulous service!).  In and out of organizing the final details for our trip to Europe, we are also finalizing Mum and Liz's visit in July which starts four days after we arrive home!

Along with dull administration of life - doctors, landlord responsibilities, hair cuts and taxes, we have set up our bikes, packed and managed to squeeze in some social and cultural events such as a Radiohead Visual Listening Party,  Ray's 60th, Michaela's Graduation Party, Book Club and a few dinners and lunches.  And we have been bike shopping!  We were equipping two of our neighbours with bikes so we can get out on the trails as the Broadview Cycling Club in the summer!

With the early Spring, we scampered up a snow-free Highwood Pass on the closed Highway 40 with Gord and Jenny.  A different day saw us cruising along the Legacy Trail and Minnewanka Loop.  We plan one more ride - Highway 1A, before breaking down our bikes and packing them into their travel bags.

Excited as we are for the adventures lying ahead, we are also looking forward to a summer on Broadview Road house-sitting for Suzanne. Thanks to everyone for the offers of accommodation, but be careful what you wish for.  You may find us taking up permanent residence in your basement!

Legacy Trail - green in mid-May
Highwood Pass - snow beside the road but pleasant riding
Radioheaded 3 - Hooray for One Yellow Rabbit!


  1. You are welcome to set up house in our basement any time ;)

  2. You are welcome to set up house in our basement any time ;)


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