Ko Po - 07° 32’ 14” N 99° 06’ 23” E

Our passage - 38nm

The day began with excitement.  Five loud blasts next to our boat sent us from our bunks.  For those non-nautical folks, five blasts means “Alert, wake up” and often used when a large ship is about to run you down!  We watched as a large blue ferry endeavoured to wake the occupants of a Sunsail charter yacht from their slumber as they had picked up the ferry’s mooring and the ferry wanted it back!  

An amount of vodka must have been consumed last night as it took an inordinate amount of time for the fellow to wake up – but I imagine his heart is still racing after popping his head out of the companionway and seeing the bow of a huge blue ferry almost tangled in the rigging.

Dingy ride into the sunset!

In the pouring rain and the wind on the nose, we headed SE towards Ko Lanta under motor having moved our proposed anchorage from the west side to the east.  We tucked into a shallow bay between Ko Po and Ko Lanta in dead calm conditions. 

We jumped into the dingy and headed to Ko Po to explore the beach.  The locals guided us to the end of a barnacle-covered jetty in the small fishing village.  We wandered along the golden sand beach straight from a postcard complete with jungle and palm trees. 

With the anchorage like a millpond and twinkling stars in the sky, our stress levels were very low! 

Dead calm conditions

Local children

Wandering along the yellow sand beach


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