Leaving Malaysia - 06° 18’ 11” N 99° 51’ 00” E

The 2016 Royal Malaysia Selangor International Race is now finished.  Popeye finished a very respectable 2nd in her division and the owner was very pleased.  We only had one casualty (Richard dislocated his shoulder but is on the mend now) but the boat, its sails, rigging and equipment are all intact and accounted for.

Delivery crew (Julie as the special guest) arrives in
Port Klang with no new scratches on Popeye

Port Klang is cleaner, but still not pristine.  Should we be
worried about that Biohazard bag in the water?

It was good to see the crew from last year.  There were a few things that needed to be collected (provisions, anchor chain, beer, etc.) before we started the first passage race, but we had arrived early enough to do all this.

A picture is much easier to take than 48 metres of chain when you go shopping.

The teksis (taxis) in Malaysia are loosely regulated (like everything else) and I got into one to do my errands that I thought was going to be the end of me.  Red lights, other traffic and road furniture meant nothing to my jolly driver as he chuckled his way around Port Klang, with me white-knuckled beside him.  The only thing worse than his English was the maintenance of his vehicle ... no, wait.  The air conditioning was worse.  I fully understand the "mad dogs and Englishmen" quip now, too.

My deathtrap teksi

Popeye represented at the Raja Muda Opening Gala

Safely at anchor

Tracy, the new foredeck crew member.

Matt gets very enthusiastic about making pancakes.

This is the happiest we've ever seen Martin.

Team lunch at the hawker's stalls


Roadside fish stand.

Pangkor's teksi fleet are all pink busses.

the centre of activity in the evenings.

Richard on his way to get diesel.

Modern bedside controls at the hotel.

Some of the room items were so popular (retro-chic
collectors or archivists, I'm guessing) they've posted prices
you'll be charged when you steal things.
I think that 16 ringgat for a spoon is a bit steep.

Coming into Penang after a passage race.  You don't get much sleep on two hour watches.

Under the first  Penang bridge.

motoring by the big tankers

near Georgetown

Steve found us a great hotel - Noordin Mews

Funky, 1930's decor in the rooms.

Kate and I scored the poolside room!

Hadn't even considered it.

Roadside restaurants.  You pick it, they cook it.
You know its fresh.


The Last Tree.  More cool street art in Georgetown.

Drummers at the Penang dinner.

Some of the crew.

Walking home, post-dinner, through Georgetown.

Skipper Craig gets some hardware.

New hats for the foredeck crew.

Propane tank choices were limited but eye-catching.

Tracy looks hungry.

Good mates.


  1. Great post to highlight a fantastic trip. Have fun with the next one!


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