Port Klang - 03° 00' 25" N 101° 26' 25" E

Bobbing around the bay in Pangkor, we planned our next port of call - the Royal Selangor Yacht Club.  With a 12 - 15 hour sail ahead of us, we decided to depart at midnight and take advantage of the supermoon.  

Super Moon

Heading on down the coast...

Super moon at dawn

With a name like Royal Selangor Yacht Club (located in Port Klang), you'd expect something quite grand but according to the sailing website Noonsite
'Port Klang sits in a soup of sludge, sewage, debris and other detritus, stirred by fierce currents and the wash of a myriad of tramp steamers.  It lies at the antithesis of the crystalline waters which await just around the corner of Peninsula Malaysia, however its one redeeming feature is the oasis of the Royal Selangor Yacht Club.'
  Just makes you want to head on down, doesn't it? 

89 nm later, we made out way south down the channel into the infamous channel.  It was a bright and sunny day by the time we entered the north channel which assisted greatly as we tiptoed through ships, floating detritus, fishing boats and their nets, birds on 'stand-up paddleboards', through the port, up the river and into the yacht club.  Sean displayed great skill and composure as he backed Popeye into her berth against the fierce currents.

Fishing boat laying its nets across the channel

Bird Stand-up Paddleboarding!

North Port, Port Klang

Also according to Noonsite, millions of Ringgit have been spent on cleaning up the river with barriers installed at strategic locations leading to a marked improvement to the condition of the water around the yacht club.  This is true, however swimming is still definitely not something we would consider!

What is going on here?

We had a little excitement when one of the yachts (Pasaya, pictured above) tried to leave its berth and was caught in the current.  A neighbouring yacht (Fujin) had its navigation lights snapped off as Pasaya drifted into Fujin, then pivoted around her.  Happily, Popeye was left unscathed.

Phew - imagine getting her here without a scratch only to have her T-boned by an errant yacht in her berth.
Fierce currents, Mark II

Sitting, happily sipping on our beers on the deck and our friend decided to move his boat again.  Despite the belly full of beer, Sean and Lucky (one of the crew off Starlight) broke land speed records leaping from the bar to Popeye as our friend broke personal space boundaries.

Phew (Mark II) - the only boat damaged in any way was our friends!


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