Gili Bodo - 08° 22' 05" S 120° 00' 55" E

Gili Bodo is a delightful anchorage tucked in behind a reef off a small island on the NW corner of Flores.  The cruising guide assured us that, outside rally times, the anchorage would be deserted.  So we were delighted to see a mast as we approached.

Ariel IV, a lovely steel ketch flying the Swedish flag, waved as we approached and once we were safely at anchor, popped over to say hello. They were off snorkelling so we arranged for sundowners on Popeye once they were done.

Eric and Brigitta are on their second circumnavigation.  The first they did when their kids were young, about 20 years ago.  This time, they came via the Northwest Passage and The Aleutians! We had a fabulous time hearing their stories and were very sad to be heading in the opposite direction.

Tomorrow, off we go across the top of Flores! 


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