Thursday, July 2, 2015

Luxembourg - 49° 36' 25" N 06° 08' 10" E

A new country for both of us and only a two hour drive. How could we resist heading to Luxembourg for lunch?  The EU borders are so anti-climatic these days - just a "Welcome To" sign and, if you are lucky, a bump in the pavement. No more exciting than crossing from Alberta to BC and yet, here we were in a different country!

The temperature soared into the high 30s so we parked in the cool of an underground parkade and scurried into the fabulous Musée d'Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg.

In the subterrainian cool of its five levels, we learned about both the city's thousand year history and that of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. For such a tiny country, it has the distinction of having the world's highest GDP per capita and is officially trilingual!

We braved the early evening heat and explored the Grund quarter on the Alzette River.  Lovely old buildings, deep in the gorge looking up at the Old Town.  Beautiful (and cool) parks weave along and down into the river gorges, criss-crossed by paths. Centuries-old fortifications, cobbled streets, quaint houses, ducks on the river and Michelin Star restaurants. The Grund has it all. Imagine living in a place like this!  From the sleekness and glossiness of the cars, we are guessing this is not the cheap end of town!

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