Whiskey Jack Hostel and the Iceline Trail - 51° 29' 25" N 116° 28' 54" W

We are putting this hike, along with a stay at the Whiskey Jack Hostel, on our to-do list with visitors.  Spectacular!

Somewhat of a tough climb up to above the treeline then the trail runs along parallel to the valley undulating up and over moraines.  The views  are spectacular across the valley to the Takakkaw Falls, the Daly Glacier and the Waputik Icefield.  The trail runs below the Emerald Glacier with views up and down the Yoho Valley.

The are a few route options.  We chose the out and back to the Iceline Summit.  Beautiful weather, blue skies with a few threatening clouds to keep the temperature down.  The rum and cokes at the picnic table back at the hostel certainly went down well!

And again, in the spirit of hosteling, it was a fire pit, s'mores and a sing-song with all the hostel guests joining in. 


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