Calgary - 51° 3' 16" N 114° 4' 46" W

New shirts to wear.  Multiple washing machines for clothes.  Books.  Our bed.  Fresh audiences for our stories.  These are all things that we've missed but now have available to us.  It is good to be back in Calgary.

We have a passenger on the Collins Fun Wagon, in the person of a 14-year-old French lad named Thibaud.  He has come to improve his already-good English ... and to experience our corner of Canada.  We have all returned just in time for the Stampede, that will be a good starting point for the Western Canadian way of life.  Even though we don't normally walk around in cowboy boots and oversized belt buckles all year, we take visitors to the Stampede to touch the rural history of our area.  The agricultural fair; pancake breakfasts; the midway - we're on our way!


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