Saturday, June 4, 2016

Buochs - 46° 58' 22" N 8° 26' 30" E

Yesterday, we were presented with a new problem we hadn't anticipated - one of the mountain passes we planned to cross (Furka Pass) was still closed due to heavy snowing.  Luckily, we found out about it from some motoring Aussies we met at a laundromat.  It would been quite depressing to ride halfway up the pass in steadily worsening weather, only to have to turn around and re-ride all the kilometres we had just done.

As we had scheduled a local exploring day, we were able to put the time to good use. Gord found an alternative route and Sean rebooked bed and breakfasts to match the new planned stops.  With Buochs as our new interim destination to get us back on track, we would be able to rejoin our schedule of ride destinations with their requisite reserved hotels in Andermatt.

We left this morning's hotel in the chill of the morning with high cloudcover.  Previous days had demonstrated improving conditions as the day wore on.  We hoped today would do the same.  The weather turned out to be quite pleasant.  We cruised along Brienzersee (Lake) with a gentle headwind.  We were all enthusiastic and had fresh legs, so we soldiered on.  As we left the lake and started towards Sachen, the grades of hills picked up.  We were punished by some steep-but-short climbs.  Riding on the old farmers cart tracks was bumpy and tiring.  By the time we made it to Buochs, we had been travelling for close to nine hours, we were hungry, sweaty, tired.

A shower and a good meal has done wonders, but we know we have a long couple of days riding to get back on schedule.

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