Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park – 06° 10’ 18” N 99° 46’ 20” E

…or The Lake of the Pregnant Maiden.

A truly tragic legend involving love at first sight, mermaid tears and a dead infant leads to the belief that water from this lake has magical fertility powers.  Lordy!  Susan and I were very careful.

Geologically, it is very cool.  The lake is fresh water but separated from the sea by a small band of rocks.  It would be very beautiful with the towering limestone cliffs and hanging jungles if it were not for the tourist pontoons, swimming areas and paddle boats in the shape of swans and cartoon ducks!  Fortunately for our fertility, we were not enticed to swim in the greenish looking water, donned in the mandatory lifejacket within the pontooned swimming area.

As the next wave of tourist boats arrived to disgorge their passengers, we putted off in the dinghy to explore the small beaches and the rock wall separating the lake from the sea.  We clamboured up and over the rocks to the lake and risked life and limb on the crumbling platform and staircase that had been closed for maintenance.  An explore around a small island then back to Popeye for a swim and a chardonnay.


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