Kilim Karst Geoforest Park - 06° 19' 24 N 99° 51' 17 E

...or "Hole in the Wall'

We motored around the east coast of Pulau Langkawi between small islets through narrow channels to the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park.  The charts showed shallow water but we followed a sounding trace marked on the charts and and traveled on the high tide.  We did not have an issue being in 10-20m most of the time!

The towering cliffs - note the yellow dingy
The entrance to 'Hole in the Wall' is a narrow gap between towering cliffs. We anchored inside amongst the mangroves and were surprised when the tide dropped and a mudbank appeared a boat length or two away!  Stunningly beautiful with towering cliffs, eagles soaring and monkeys chattering.

The intrepid crew

We took the dingy exploring through the labyrinth of rivers, creeks and passageways through the mangroves.  The eagles were amazing.  At one location, the local tour boats would stir up the water and the eagles would come to catch the fish.  A most extraordinary sight watching 30 - 40 eagles soaring around.

The mangroves were filled with life - rather strange amphibious fish/lizards, bright blue crabs scurrying around, insects buzzing.

Like many locations, tourist boats zipped around all day but left us in solitude with the jungle noises and eagles by late afternoon.  We followed the line of boats through the Bat Cave.  Not a bat was spotted.  Perhaps the little fellas have relocated now their home is invaded by several hundred roaring outboards attached to boats filled with tourists each day.

Entering The Bat Cave
Up the creek
Sean and Simon relaxing off the stern!


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