Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Eastern and Oriental Hotel – 05° 25’ 25” N 100° 20’ 11” E

Thanks to Susan and Simon, we have spent the last two days at the stunning E&O Hotel.  A throw-back to the colonial days with the doorman in a pith helmet and the safari-suited waiter topping up our iced water by the pool.  Grand, elegant and deliciously cool.

Checking on Popeye -
a wee small dot
As glorious as all this may be, the very best was the steaming hot showers with fabulous water pressure and fancy toiletries, that didn’t rock and the absence of a water pump in the background, whirring the guilt “You are using all the water. The water! The water!”

Suds-free, salt-free, clean blow-dried hair – now that is true luxury!

Loving the pool


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