Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Rhodes - 36° 04' 32" N 28° 04' 33" E

Kalim'era Greece!

Arriving in Rhodes by ferry was very cool. We disembarked straight into history where the Colossus of Rhodes as fabled to have stood before being toppled by an earthquake in 226 BC. Magnificently preserved fortifications thanks to the Italians who occupied Rhodes after WW1. They removed all modifications done by the Ottomans during their 400 year occupation and restored the city back to the glory of the Knight's Period when the Order of St John of Jerusalem occupied Rhodes.  

We are staying a short distance from Rhodes Old Town at a resort called Eden Roc. The view from our balcony is stunning, looking east across the resort's Olympic swimming pool to the sparkly, blue of the Aegean Sea.  

And to get around, we have a Piaggio Fly scooter!

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