Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Taverna near Pounda Bay - 37° 00' 14" N 25° 07' 48" E

It is a good thing our long-term plans are flexible.  These long-term plans include, as many of you know, to buy a sailing vessel on the west coast of Canada/USA, pottering around the San Juan Islands and the coast of British Columbia for a year or so, then starting south along the west coast of the Americas to Ecuador, across to the Galapagos, through to the French Polynesian Islands and then carry on to New Zealand and Australia.  Being here may insert an intermediate step between now and Oz.

Having spent some time in the Mediterranean, swimming in bathtub-temperature water, eating tasty seafood, noticing the consistently moderate winds from the north, motoring in relatively calm seas AND noticing the permanent 50 percent discount that Croatia sells used 40 foot sailboats for, a seed of an idea has formed.  Perhaps we could spend some time bobbing around the eastern Med.  I wonder if we would have any visitors if we did.

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