Oia - 36° 27' 40" N 25° 22' 27" E

The cliff tops of Santorini appear to be snow-capped as we approached on the ferry but as we got closer, they revealed themselves to be the villages of white houses that the Greek Islands are renowned for. Stunningly beautiful despite not being very practical. Narrow, steep, winding marbled streets through which luggage, groceries and wine bottles need to be hauled, up and down stairs, sometimes slippery, often crowded and definitely not to any known building codes! 

Our house is perched on the cliff of looking the caldera. It is newly renovated, beautifully staged and boasts three bedrooms each with ensuite bathrooms. The water sparkles, the sun shines and our rooftop deck is a perfect place to pass the time. Wendy and Graeme's partners-in-crime dribbled in over a few days.  Once they were all in town, we hosted a dinner party for twelve. Then the party began!

We enjoyed a day on a yacht cruising the caldera, hikes along the cliff, breakfasts and dinner at the gorgeous Andronis Boutique Hotel, watching the sunset from the deck of a house perched on the cliff high above the cruise boat crowds, margaritas by the pool, drinks on the rooftop, and, of course, swimming the beautiful, clear, warm water.


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