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Last Cold Christmas?

 It's 5:10 pm and it's dark already.  By early December we've already seen -22 celcius and had 40+ cms of snow ... and that's just in Calgary.  I'm comfortably sitting on the sofa beside Kate, the fire giving off a gentle warmth beside us.  Christmas carols are wafting through the house and I'm realizing that this could be my last Christmas in the cold (for a while, anyhow). Big changes are afoot - we are planning to rent out our home in Hillhurst, put GeekandCo on ice and do some traveling.  This would mean that next Christmas (and possibly, most future Christmases) will be spent in Australia or elsewhere in the world. There's lots to be done before this happens, but it is very exciting.  I've traveled before, but never with such purposeful open-endedness.  Initially, we are headed for Turkey and Greece; then, a stop in France to visit an ex-roommate (and her family); then back to Calgary for a fun-filled (but potentially homeless) summer; then as the w

Outdoor Activities

Cross-Country Snowbarding Alright, time to come back to Canada, Tom East and Sam East . We have a new activity for you. Karen Stevens should be able to take you out to all the good flat spots. She'll make sure you don't get scootch leg, too.