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Banff Park Gate - 51° 08' 05" N 115° 24' 23" W

The longer I live in my newly adopted mountain village, the more interesting bits of its history I learn. Yesterday I did a mountain bike cruise along the Powerline Trail and travelled through the unfinished Three Sisters Golf Course.  It is a project that started in the 1980's and has been owned by several companies - many of whom have gone bankrupt.  As I rode through the wide open spaces that had been cleared of trees, I passed stands of deer and elk grazing on the exposed grassland.  A stream wound its way down the hillside and into a beautiful manmade reservoir before continuing down to the Bow River. It prompted me to do some research when I returned home.  I found a video about the area that was curated by Jerry Stephenson, a long-time local that was the chief engineer at the Canmore Mines until their permanent closing in 1979. Click here to watch the Video! It warns of the danger of developing the land there any further than light recreational (i.e. golf cours