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Mt. Assiniboine - 50° 54' 27" N 115° 37' 08" W

Kate and I have a reputation as social aggregators and after this week, it would be harder to deny. The Australian relatives have arrived - Gabby and Graham for another, longer summer visit and sister Wendy and her husband, Graeme, who have come for their first summer experience in Canada.  Part of the premium tour package of the Canadian Rockies that we include is a favourite hideaway called the Naiset Huts at the foot of Mt. Assiniboine.  We've been there before and for those jaded by throngs of summer tourists, it is a perfect panacea.   Considering that we had a few injured at the start of the three day visit to Naiset Huts, we decided to 'chopper in, rather than hike the 26 kilometres.  The rellies were suitably impressed by both the ride in and the afternoon hike we did after arriving.  The weather cooperated on the first day, presenting a few fluffy clouds to punctuate the blue sky and rugged peaks we were surrounded by.  We lunched atop the Niblet, looking dow