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Cid Harbour - 20° 15’ 43” S 148° 56’ 23” E

Paradise with sharp teeth Cid Harbour Cid Harbour in The Whitsunday Islands is picture perfect. The water is that stunning shade of turquoise that has you questioning; blue? green?   It is prime cruising season with dozens of yachts bobbing at anchor on the sparkling water.   The weather is sunny and warm.   Dinghies zip around the bay and the sounds of splashing and laughter carry across the water as people leap from their boats into the sparkling, warm turquoise.    We swam off Popeye, floating and splashing and practicing the backward roll method of getting into the dinghy.   We took the dinghy ashore, wandered along the beach and hiked the track around the headland.   We watched the turtles frolic, completely nonplussed by our presence.   And then we jumped into that magical warm water to rid ourselves of the sweat of the tropical day. We had just settled in for sundowners with a glass of wine in hand when a blood-curdling scream echoed acr