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Condé-sur-Noireau, France - 48° 51' 7" N 0° 34' 20" E

 While we are reducing and lightening our Canmore footprint, the fabrication team at the Garcia shipyard has been working on the hull.  Here are more pictures. Firstly, the hull now has plates and the seams are welded shut.  It also has a towing point at the stem.   Seriously. Next, it also has portholes.  This is how they start ... just tack welded in. And this is how they are finished. Mmmm, brushed aluminium. This is how we expect the topsides (hull above the waterline) to be finished. The boat also has a centreboard.  This is all 130 kgs of it, being lowered into place.  With the centreboard down, the boat needs nine and half feet (2.9 metres) of water not to touch bottom.  With the centreboard up, she needs only three and three quarter feet (1.14 metres) of water to float. Here, the worker is positioning the pivot into its cradle.  The very beefy pivot pin secured in place. The interior of the hull, showing the solid welds to the ribs and stringers. The portholes from the inside.